8 Home Improvement Projects You Can Do This Summer

Ah, summer! The season of BBQs, vacations, beach trips, pool parties, and lots of fun in the sun. But for most homeowners, the beautiful weather is also the perfect time for an overhaul like updating your home’s exterior — or really, any work that requires a well-ventilated workspace.

Home improvements can range from minor repairs to major remodeling projects. While some home repair needs and electrical projects may require the help of a professional, there are many home improvements that you and your family can manage alone this season. You’ll have no shortage of projects on your to-do list that are easy to tackle and increase your home’s value at the same time.

So, if you’ve been thinking about doing some home improvement projects this summer, don’t delay! They say we reap what we sow and we can most definitely agree that once you’ve finished everything, you’ll enjoy the benefits all year long — and maybe even host a relaxing cookout with your loved ones!

Here are eight home improvement projects to add to your list this summer. Let’s begin!


Step Up Your Lawn Game

Yard work is probably already on your to-do list this summer, but did you know lawns are one of the most overlooked areas during summer?

To start, you can consider aerating and overseeding your lawn to prevent and alleviate soil compaction, fill in bare patches, and make it green, lush, and free of weeds. Summer months are also an ideal time to trim your trees or bushes and install a new sprinkler system to keep your lawn looking healthy for months to come. Depending on your climate, these tasks are usually done best during early or late summer.


Refresh The Patio

Like everything else, your patio needs TLC, too! Concrete stains, dirt, and mildew can make your home less than enticing. You can start with a power wash to freshen up your yard’s decks and fences. If your exterior paint is peeling or staining, summer is also a good time for a paint job as the warm weather and longer days can speed up the drying process.

Patios are the go-to’s for gatherings during the warmer weather, and if you’re hosting one soon, you can consider adding more furniture for lounging and decorations like string lights or hanging tree lamps!

TIP: If you’re building a patio from scratch, precast concrete pavers are easier and less expensive than pouring a concrete slab patio and faster than laying down smaller individual bricks. Plus, they can feel like a more organic addition to an outdoor space than some other patio options!
Front Door

Your Front Door Might Need Replacing, Too!

Replacing the front door is a substantial project worth the effort. It can boost your inside comfort, overall home value, and curb appeal. So, if you’ve been putting off the replacement of your home’s exterior front door, now’s the best time to do it.

Door replacement is a home project that entails keeping the front door open to the elements for at least a day or two and having reliably good weather can make the process much simpler and faster. Plus, this can prepare you for the cooler fall and winter weather, especially if your home is drafty!


Make Your Kitchen More Functional!

It’s a given that a complete kitchen remodel comes with a hefty price tag. However, expensive kitchen renovations are not necessary most of the time.

This actually goes hand in hand with your kitchen’s functionality. Repairing something as soon as you spot them can save you the burden of extensive planning and expenses in the future. If you have outdated appliances, dented countertops, leaking fixtures, or worn-out cabinets, this is your sign to upgrade or fix them!

For example, outdated appliances use more energy than new ones. It’s also worth replacing fixtures that leak wastewater. You may not feel the burden of the monthly expenses on your utilities, but these will definitely add up in overtime.


Countertops are also worth looking at. If your countertops are dented or dulled, you may want to have this looked at (and repaired if possible) as it can cause accidents. On the other hand, countertops with worn-out sealing should be resealed if you want to preserve and lengthen their working life.

Most kitchen renovations will set you back from two weeks to several months, especially if it involves painting, countertop upgrades, or installing new appliances. And guess what — summer calls for it! The temperature is perfect for keeping spaces open, and you’ll thank yourself later for doing this now than later.

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Improve Your Home’s Efficiency

Summer is prime time for cranking up the AC. If you haven’t used your air conditioning system for a while, it’s best to have it serviced to ensure your unit runs efficiently. Also, replace or fix drafty windows and consider installing double-pane windows to reduce energy loss and outside noise. This can deflect the sun’s rays and regulate the temperature in closed spaces.

Another home efficiency tip is to update light fixtures and bulbs and choose energy-saving LED or solar-driven options. You can also consider implementing some daylighting techniques like letting the summer sun illuminate your home to reduce your use of electrical lighting.

TIP: Replace your AC filter every 45-90 days and use a fan to help circulate airflow inside the home. Planting trees and installing overhangs can also help lighten the load on your AC.
Pool Party

Pool Maintenance is Important, Too!

If your pool is a hit during summer, stay on top of it by doing the cleaning daily. Start by skimming the surface for leaves and debris, emptying the baskets, and vacuuming the bottom of your pool. Also, clean your filter and check the chemicals and water quality to avoid costly repairs during the summer.

Insulate your Basement and Crawl Space

Summer is almost synonymous with heat but also dryness in many areas of your home. If your basement or crawlspace has moisture build-up problems, you should look at this during summer. During the heavy rainy and colder months, it will be much harder to determine the cause of this issue.

Properly installed crawl space insulation helps control mold and mildew, keeps upper floors warm, and maintains the health of your home’s foundation. Summer is the best time for this extensive project, as it gives you enough time and cooperative weather to make those frequent crawls under the house.


Plan Ahead for Summer Storms

Summer storms are a thing. Prevent flooding, water damage, mold, and standing water by cleaning your home’s gutters. The warmer months are the best time for a roofing project since new shingles require heat to form a weathertight seal.

In addition, you can prevent possible damage to the roof of your home and neighboring structures by trimming any surrounding vegetation.

Also, consider hiring a professional to service your home’s generator and sump pump to ensure they are operating properly.

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